An AWESOME review of 7th Son! / by J.C. Hutchins

I always thought 7th Son was a spiffy story, but now I have proof! Australian listener Tim Byatt has critiqued 7S for his website/blog, Podcast Reviews ... and gave the podcast 8 out of 10 stars. You can't beat that with a stick! In his review, Tim complimented my reading and voice acting. (Oh, if only Tim -- and the rest of you -- could hear all my all-too-often flubs!) Most flattering, however, were his kind words about John and the other main characters:

"While the plot of the story is interesting and engaging, what makes this story for me is the character development within the story," Tim wrote. "The seven John Michael Smiths ... have all taken different paths in life and as such have quite distinct personalities. ... These characters and their development give rise to questions about nature versus nurture and the potential to mold people to a certain way of not just thinking, but actually being."

Wow! Thanks for the review, Tim! Everybody, be sure to check out Podcast Reviews for Tim's thoughts on other 'casts. Tim also has another website, Movie Reviews Plus, where he and a buddy review ... wait for it ... movies. Extremely cool stuff!