BOOK ONE: Chapters 19 & 20 / by J.C. Hutchins


Would someone tell that author to shut the hell up? In the epic-length intro, info abounds about "SHARE THE PAIN," the new Infection/7th Son crossover contest! Listen to both novels ... and win killer prizes! After the chapter, J.C. also chats about the Parsec Awards ... and a jaw-dropping 7th Son spoiler is revealed in the Clone Line (206-984-2566) segment. This one can't be missed!

Synopsis: At the 7th Son facility, John, Jack and Jonathan learn more about Kilroy2.0's world. A powerful benefactor lends a hand. In California, Michael, Dr. Mike and Fr. Thomas and the 7th Son soldiers invade the night club. They find Folie à Deux silent and empty. Or is it?

Promo: Jack Mangan's Deadpan

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"SHARE THE PAIN" contest sponsored by Podcast Pickle.