On tangibility, brilliant blogging, and Father Thomas' plight / by J.C. Hutchins

Despite the fact that 7th Son isn't a published novel in the conventional sense -- a thing that one can put on a bookshelf -- the feedback that I receive from listeners brings a sense of "real-ness," tangibility, to the work. The novel seems to be making an impact, moving people to mention it to friends ... and I think that's the highest compliment any artist can receive.

Take this masterfully-written blog post by listener Michael. Michael has been moved to comment about the plight of 7th Son's Father Thomas. As fans know, Thomas' spiritual world has been rocked since he has discovered that he's a clone. He fears that he is a soulless, "manufactured thing." Quite a dilemma for a Catholic priest to have.

Michael will be exploring Thomas' woes -- and his own take on the clone/soul issue -- in a multi-part commentary on his blog, "Brother Osric's Scriptorium." Michael is a very intelligent, very gifted writer, and I can't wait to see what he has to say on the subject. If the spiritual subtext of 7th Son intrigues you, I heartily recommend checking out his blog.

Michael, thanks for sharing your views with your readers ... and for making 7th Son that much more "real" and tangible for me!