7th Son goes Hollywood? (No, but almost as cool...) / by J.C. Hutchins

If you've listened to the most recent episode of 7th Son and heard the messages left on the Clone Line (206-984-2566), you might remember uber-fan Manata's voice mail. He was the guy who called in sick to work to listen to all 7th Son episodes in practically one sitting. As an author, I can tell you: I doesn't get much cooler than that. Or does it? Turns out Manata has a blog, and he's been praising 7th Son there. Better still, Manata let his imagination run wild, and did a virtual "casting call" of actors and actresses who'd appear in 7th Son, if it were made into a big-budget movie. Some highlights from Manata's who's who of actors include:

Awesome casting, Manata! Thanks for the inspired evangelism!

Personally, I'd love to see Ryan Reynolds in the role of the Betas. Since he's best known for his comedic roles, Reynolds may not be an obvious choice. But the man does have experience in a fat suit (perfect for Kilroy2.0), he's lean, and has that ripped muscle mojo going on (perfect for Michael the Marine).

I first thought of Reynolds when I watched Blade: Trinity. He was the best thing about the that flick. And if there's any doubt that Reynolds isn't one bad mamma-jamma, I present this production still from Trinity: