Evangelism, from podosphere to blogosphere / by J.C. Hutchins

Folks are talking about 7th Son outside of the podcasting community. In the past week, a few bloggers have written about 7th Son on their sites -- which means that the message is probably reaching people who are have never listened to podcasts, or podiobooks. If these blog readers tune in, everybody wins: Podcasters get new listeners, and the listeners receive some nifty (and free!) entertainment.

Rick Jones said this about 7th Son in a recent entry on his LiveJournal:

"I am totally loving this book. ... It's a techno-thriller that's quite the ride and yet also does the wonderful thing that science fiction can do: make you do some hard 'what if' thinking while you're enjoying the roller coaster."

And SuperMoonMan posted this at his blog, Let's Move To the Moon:

"After listening to the first episode [of 7S]-->I am definitely going to listen to more. This is my first experience with a podiobook and I definitely enjoyed it."

Awesome. If you're a 7th Son listener who's also a blogger, I'd appreciate it if you mentioned 7S -- and any other podcasts you're enjoying -- in a future blog post. It's a great way to bring new listeners to podcasts, and it helps get the word out about 7th Son!