Welcome, Josh In Japan listeners! / by J.C. Hutchins

Hot damn! If you're here because of the transcendentally cool testimonial that Josh from the amazing Josh In Japan podcast gave in his most recent episode, all I can say is welcome ... and I hope 7th Son lives up to your expectations! Now I'm a fan of Josh's show, and I've always thought he was a cool guy. But he just hit "minor deity" status in my book after he said these wonderful things about 7S:

"I cannot stand podiobooks. I've tried listening to a couple, and they've bored me to death. I couldn't get past the first ten minutes. ... I tried out 7th Son. The first chapter just blew my friggin' mind. I've never been able to say that about a podiobook, let alone a podcast. ... This book is just amazing. Every chapter is a cliffhanger, I can't believe it. ... I listened to the first six chapters in one night. ... Some books start out really strong and die out quickly. This book just keeps on going and going. ... I don't vouch for many podcasts, but this is one you gotta check out."

I'm totally stoked by the cool feedback. Thanks a million, Josh! And new listeners: Thanks for stopping by. Poke around the site to check out archived episodes, and info on how to subscribe to the 'cast! And as Josh would say: Mata-ne!