Monkey at The Table / by J.C. Hutchins

I'm a little late posting this news, but I made a recent "guest host" appearance on The Round Table podcast, a show that explores concepts of mythology in all forms of storytelling -- movies, books, role-playing games, the works. The show is a part of the very cool Harping Monkey community. The conversation's topic was "Myth in Storycrafting," and I chatted about how I had applied mythological themes to characters and storylines while writing 7th Son. It was A BLAST to appear on the show, and I want to thank Mick and the gang for inviting me on the program.

So if you're interested in hearing little ole me pontificate on writing, plot and character, check out Episode 24 of The Round Table here.

If you like what you hear -- and are fascinated by mythology and storytelling -- be sure to subscribe to the 'cast!