You're making an impact! / by J.C. Hutchins

Here's further proof that 7th Son fans are simply the coolest folks on the planet: Thanks to your generosity at the Alley, 7S is currently in the Alley's TOP 50 for April. That's astounding, considering that there are thousands of shows out there! Thanks so much to those who've voted so far.

Can 7th Son break into the Top 20, or higher? It's up to you, crater makers. There's still plenty of time to make an impact for April and show your appreciation for the novel. Simply click here (or visit for the link) and bee-bop over to the Alley's 7th Son page.

Voting takes mere seconds ... and the more folks that vote, the more exposure 7th Son receives. So if you're feeling generous, take a moment to tell the world that you're digging the novel!

Thanks for all the encouragement and support, guys!