Welcome, you Sigler junkies!!! / by J.C. Hutchins

Did y'all catch the first episode of Scott Sigler's new podcast novel Infection? I sure as hell did -- and I'm uber-appreciative of Scott playing a promo for 7th Son at the end of his inaugural episode. Thanks, buddy!

And thanks to any members of Sigler's legion of junkies who've stopped by, to check out 7th Son. Welcome to the Descent, kids! Scott himself has said that the first five minutes of 7th Son will have you hooked. Subscribe to the podcast to see if he's right. And if you like what you hear, drop me a line -- and tell all your fellow EarthCrack/Ancestwhore/Infected friends about the book!

Chapter four's a-comin' in two days, so hit the episode archives and catch up. The Descent is still beginning ... and now's the perfect time to hop aboard!