Interludes often focus on events and characters far from the The 33's action-packed front lines.

The motto of the Five-By-Five is Narum Regnum, Principium et Finis — The Backbone of the Kingdom, The First and the Last. It's a fitting phrase for this global network of specialists who support The 33, an unlikely team of world-saving misfits.

Rags and Skids are Five-Bys. The jaded mechanics work in the basement of the Farmhouse, The 33's strange headquarters. Today, they're enjoying a rare visit topside to greet The 33's two newest recruits.

The duo has ten minutes to kill. In it, they'll sling some insults, reflect on life as Farmhouse Five-Bys, and make an intriguing bet about the fortitude of a cold-blooded killer who'll soon be in their midst...