Zebulon Pike isn't just the world's richest man — he's a powerful codeshaman, able to control computer code with his mind. He's also responsible for the most deadly act of terrorism America has ever known ... and forgotten.

The maniac has enslaved a dangerous supernatural force, bound it to groundbreaking technology, and will soon unleash it upon the world. Only The 33 can stop Pike from realizing his terrible vision. Only they can hold the line.

John Swords III, Addison Creel, Bliss, Mad_Ana and Azael believe they're ready for the final confrontation, but they're wrong. Pike wields an arsenal of powerful magics that can do more than kill The 33 — they'll make humans an endangered species.

This "double-sized" episode concludes the epic Pramantha storyline. It's packed with action, plot twists, and a mystery that will fuel The 33's investigations in the months to come!