VIDEO/PDF: Down The Rabbit Hole / by J.C. Hutchins

J.C. Hutchins discovered an unusual envelope in his mail today ... and inside was an item so mysterious and perplexing, he had to document its contents for you. It appears to be a "rabbit hole" -- an intriguing gateway into a viral promotion or Alternate Reality Game.

J.C. has no idea who sent this envelope, and is stymied by its encrypted contents. Watch the video and examine the PDF in this post (found below; look for the "EBOOK PDF" icon) and see if YOU can decode its secrets. You can also find hi-res photos of the envelope's contents on J.C.'s Flickr page:

Please spread the word about this mystery (J.C. recommends the "Share This" feature at the end of this post). And feel free to post your thoughts (or decryption progress) here in the comments. He may have been the "first to find" this rabbit hole ... but when it comes to its secrets, J.C. doesn't want to be the last to know!

UPDATE: Thanks to you amazing people, we've tracked down several other recipients of the letter, and determined that those letters are similar -- but not identical -- to the one J.C. received. Find out more here: