Aella Yates. Code name: Bliss. She's an expert in more than twenty forms of hand-to-hand combat. She has a 300-year-old katana sword from the future that shoots bullets. Her past is a blood-soaked secret. She's the greatest warrior The 33 has ever known.

And now she's in charge ... and The 33 is about to die.

Things are going terribly wrong in Needles, California. The death of townie John Federico is far more complicated than Bliss and The 33 initially suspected. Conflicts within the team are fraying nerves and fueling bad decisions. And now, clues are propelling The 33 inexorably toward the bleak, deadly Mojave Desert.

Dreadful things await The 33 out there, in those ancient sands. Can Bliss become the leader the team needs her to be—or will her anger and inexperience kill them all?