In March 2013, J.C. joined the team at Protagonist Labs, a new company founded on the belief that everyone can be a great storyteller. J.C. is an advisor for the company, sharing his insights as it develops Storium, an online storytelling game. Storium lets friends play in fictional worlds of their own creation, and tell a story together along the way.

Storium is a super-flexible (and fun!) way to tell stories in which you can truly do anything you can imagine. Players aren't pushing buttons to navigate their way through someone else’s story. It’s their story — a story that they and their friends make up as they go along. Storium just helps them do it.

Storium uses an intuitive and elegant system to empower players easily to tell great character-driven stories. You don’t have to be a skilled writer to play Storium. Participants play at their own pace using simple rules that can be learned during play.

Protagonist Labs was founded by Stephen Hood and Josh Whiting. They were formerly co-founders of Blockboard, and part of the team at Renowned game designer Will Hindmarch and award-winning novelists Mur Lafferty and Chuck Wendig also advise the company.

Learn more about Protagonist Labs at its site, and be sure to give Storium a spin. The platform is in its alpha testing stage. Grab a few friends and get playing! The team is always looking for feedback.