Personal Effects: Sword of Blood is a prequel novella to J.C.'s transmedia supernatural thriller novel, Personal Effects: Dark Art.

Brinkvale Psychiatric Hospital art therapist Zach Taylor is endlessly curious, perhaps to a fault. When his cheerful elderly patient Gertrude “Spindle” Spindler completes her latest quilt and declares that a 30-year-old “grand design of nine” has been completed, Zach’s curiosity is piqued ... and he soon embarks on a quest to unwind the meaning of the woman’s cryptic phrase.

He isn’t expecting a descent into a world filled with mystery and ruthless subcultures. What is The Great Blade of Blood? What are The Charred? What is the grand design of nine? And who is the dark-skinned stranger stalking Zach at every turn, threatening his life?

The answers may lie in Spindle’s granddaughter, a willowy self-proclaimed psychic named Hen. But Zach soon discovers that Hen may be crazier than the patients he treats ... and the treasure he’s pursuing may be more dangerous — and deadly — than he ever imagined.