Note: This section of JCHutchins.net is no longer being updated. It has been preserved to showcase the incredible generosity of hundreds of 7th Son fans. Not all downloadable content may work with current operating systems.


Listener Gary Philips created this brilliant list of Beta Clones character data for the True20 RPG gaming system. It’s tremendous fun if you’re into RPGs. You listened to the clones’ story — now you can be a clone in your own RPG tale! Exceptional! Download the PDF here.


7th Son listener Romero has created a new text version of the Character List that can be viewed on iPod screens! (His work is based on an original design by Tygan.) This is a fantastic feature, if you want to reference the list while you’re away from an internet connection.

Loading and viewing this Character List on your iPod is a breeze. Here’s the step-by-step:

Click here to download “7S_Notes.zip” — this .zip file contains two text documents. When unzipped, these files will be in a folder called “7th Son.” Leave the folder alone for the time being.

  1. Connect your iPod to your PC. Wait for iTunes to load.
  2. In iTunes, go to Preferences. Select the “iPod” icon at the top of the window … then the “Music” tab … and then click “Enable disk use” box near the bottom of the window. After that, click OK. (See image for help.)
  3. By doing this, you are allowing your PC to view the iPod as an external hard drive. Don’t worry — after you load the .txt files onto the ‘Pod, we’ll change this setting back to default.
  4. Now, head over to your iPod on your desktop (or through the Finder or your Windows Explorer, blah blah Windows vs. Mac, blah), and access the drive.
  5. Inside, you’ll see a folder called “Notes.” Simply drag the recently-extracted “7th Son” folder into this Notes folder. The files will copy in seconds.
  6. Now go back to iTunes to disable “disk use” mode. Choose Preferences, then de-select the Enable disk use box. Click OK. This returns your iPod to its original state.
  7. Now spin that iPod’s click wheel and read those notes! You can even begin playing your 7th Son MP3s directly from this cool notes area! (You can easily access the Notes files by navigating to “Settings” > “Main Menu” > and choosing “on” for Notes. Now Notes access can be done directly from the iPod’s main menu.

Thanks so much to Romero and Tygan for creating these note files, and allowing me to share them with you!


Debbie from East Mesa whipped up a collection of spiffy Kilroy2.0-themed avatars for use in your IM chat programs, blog profile photos, website graphics, you name it. You can download all four avatars by clicking here.


UK listener Moz Bozz is a huge 7th Son fan … and an avid player of the online game Counterstrike. He whipped up this remarkable image that you can use as a “graffiti spray” in the game. Now Counterstrike players can spread the word about 7S in-game … which is very cool indeed! Click here to download the file and installation instructions.


Listener Charles has also released a Mac 7th Son widget — this one allows you to play episodes from inside the widget itself! It also allows users to subscribe to the podcast feed directly via the widget. Very cool stuff. Click here to download the file.


Fan Big-O has created a new widget for Mac users which gives up-to-date information from the podcast’s RSS feed. Now you can quickly check this widget to see if a new episode is available! Click here to download the file.


Michael, the cool listener who created the “Neo7″ wallpaper design, is at it again! This time, he’s released a CD insert for the special 7th Son / Getting a Leg Up bonus episode. This insert features the song list from the podcast, so you’ll know which clone (and corresponding song) is coming up on the show. The file is saved in the nigh-ubiquitous Microsoft Word .doc format. Download it here.


Listener Wesley Camp created several awesome 7th Son-inspired “notebooks” for you to enjoy. Simply print out the PDFs, follow the folding instructions, and you’ve got yourself a spiffy quick-reference notepad! Use them to take notes on the Beta Clones … or document your plans for global domination. Download them here.


Your Code Phantom orders from Natasha, if you choose to accept them: Become one of the 7th Sonfan elite by distributing a flyer in the “real world” — on campuses, community bulletin boards, telephone poles, the works.

The goal of these flyers is to evoke intrigue, and motivate folks to visit this website for more information. The intent is for these things to be objects/flyers one would find in the world of 7th Son.

J.C. tapped his talented friend Jo to create a deliciously diabolical nod to 7th Son’s prologue. Her GRIFFIN/HALE flyer (found “at the scene”) is pure genus.

Faithful listener Andy whipped up an astoundingly cool “advertisement” flyer for the Folie à Duex nightclub. Dig those colors, baby!

And fellow podcaster (and brilliant interviewer) Big-O created a fantastic “Who is John Alpha?” flyer to help spread the 7th Son meme. Stupendous!

These images have been sized for 8.5″x11″ U.S. standard paper, and are available in both full color and grayscale.