"Above and beyond the cool combination of video gaming and tabletop gaming, Golem Arcana also stands out because of its gorgeous visual aesthetic and intriguing fiction. The world of Golem Arcana is a rich fantasy setting of warring factions."

"(Golem Arcana's) fiction is well thought out, and serves to ground the game in a fully realized world."
—Crit to Hit  

"It should immediately appeal to fantasy fans reared on everything from Game of Thrones to Warhammer."

In early 2013, game company Harebrained Schemes, led by veteran game designer Jordan Weisman, invited J.C. to write a short story set in the universe of its acclaimed video game Shadowrun Returns. Days after SRR's successful launch, the team reached out again — this time, asking J.C. to help craft short stories set in the world of its brand-new miniatures tabletop game, Golem Arcana.

Working closely with longtime collaborator (and Golem Arcana creator) Weisman and other lead designers, J.C. wrote six stories that captured the brutal, strategic spirit of the fantasy game, while also revealing its history and mythology. These stories were published during Golem Arcana's successful Kickstarter campaign as a way to intrigue prospective backers and emotionally invest them in this original IP.

The world of Golem Arcana is a violent place populated by power-hungry faction leaders and their golem armies — dangerous beasts made from natural resources, piloted by powerful Golem Knights. Each faction possesses one or two magical Codices, which imbue their golems with life and unique abilities.

J.C. wrote six stories during Golem Arcana's successful Kickstarter campaign, designed to educate readers on the warring factions, and their merciless leaders.

More recently, J.C. wrote three stories set in Golem Arcana's post-launch universe: A Legacy of Blood, Crow's Flight and Ascendant. These stories are widely considered favorites among the game's passionate fan base.


The game Golem Arcana is set in the world of Eretsu, months after the recent death of Janhu Khan, leader of the bloodthirsty Uruk Dominion. The great Khan's empire has plummeted into civil war as his many heirs fight for supremacy. Seizing upon this growing instability, neighboring factions such as the aged Hamazi Empire and savage Samula and Sunu clans now mobilize to settle old scores and reclaim lost lands.