John Smith, a character in J.C.’s thriller 7th Son: Descent, dreams of becoming a successful singer/songwriter. Two weeks before the events seen in Descent, he recorded a five-song EP titled Anyman, and posted it to the web.

That very EP was released in 2009 as free MP3s in J.C.'s podcast feed. For a few fleeting weeks, John Smith crossed the threshold from fiction to reality, and was singing in thousands of headphones across the world.

J.C. worked with singer/songwriter Matthew Wayne Selznick on the Anyman project. J.C. provided titles, concepts and creative guidance for each folk-rock song. Matthew wrote their lyrics and music. He then performed and recorded each song as John Smith would: raw and lo-fi, often with just a guitar. 

You may listen to and download Anyman's tracks below. Visit Matthew Wayne Selznick's website to purchase the Anyman EP in high quality MP3 and other formats.