In 2013, Storees — a multiplatform story & experience agency led by award-winning transmedia creator Jan Libby — reached out to J.C. to help craft content for its engaging online campaign for FOX's sci-fi cop series, Almost Human. J.J. Abrams and J.H. Wyman are the series' executive producers. Karl Urban (Star Trek, Dredd) and Michael Ealy (Common Law, FlashForward) star.

Almost Human is set in a dangerous future where city crime has become so relentless and dangerous, police officers are partnered with combat-grade androids for assistance and protection. These androids are designed to do things the human cops can't: in-the-field crime scene scanning, medical analysis, direct connections with HQ's crime database, and more.


To introduce fans to the show's fascinating human (and android) characters and tech-fueled future, J.C. was hired to write content for a "Police Database" microsite, set in Almost Human's storyworld. The site presented visitors with character bios (presented as police dossiers), "audio archives" of noteworthy city crimes (which further teased at characters' backgrounds and personalities), a scrolling criminal activity blotter, and more.

Working closely with Libby to realize Storeees' campaign vision, J.C. reviewed Almost Human screenplays, and incorporated many canonical details into the campaign's text and audio scripts. He also researched police dispatch procedures, ranks, merits & awards and more to imbue the copy with a sense of plausibility and authenticity.