Note: This section of is no longer being updated. It has been preserved to showcase the incredible generosity of hundreds of 7th Son fans.


With nearly 50,000 listeners, the 7th Son thriller trilogy has become a “best seller” in the podcasting community. But it’s time to increase 7th Son’s exposure in the mainstream.

The Ministry of Propaganda is a marketing experiment designed for, and powered by, 7th Son fans.

The deal: 7S fans spread the word about the podcast in ways they know best — email, MySpace, word of mouth, etc. — and in return, their names are posted on the esteemed Agents of the Ministry page, along with links to their personal sites/projects. In addition, Agents of the Ministry are eligible to win exclusive 7S swag.

You can read the latest MOP news by visiting this page, and catch up on the schemings of Natasha, the Voice of the Ministry, by listening to her Audio Dispatches.

Enlisting in this elite online force is simple. Add your email address to the widget below. Confirm your membership via email, fill out a brief form (the Ministry shall protect your privacy), and you’ll receive updates on J.C. Hutchins’ creative projects, and special Ministry of Propaganda street team announcements.


1) The Ministry is recruiting kind, creative folks who work in media, public relations and marketing. These are savvy 7th Son enthusiasts who can spend an hour or so a week assisting the Ministry in spreading the word about the podcast, and contacting industry professionals who can “make things happen.” The Ministry wants to invite more ubercool special guests such as Nathan Fillion to read “The Story So Far…” recaps. It wants to expose 7th Son to mainstream journalists and bloggers via press kits and press releases. Can you use your expertise to further the cause?

These aren’t paid positions, but the Ministry will place your name at the top of the Agents of the Ministry page, along with text/logo of your marketing/PR/media company (if you work for one). Links to your company/service will also be posted. Quid pro quo is a good thing.

2) The Ministry is recruiting graphic design visionaries. These are the brilliant folk who can occasionally create cool graphics for this website, or design brilliant flyers. You talents are coveted by the Ministry, and are needed. Can you push some pixels for 7th Son?

These also aren’t paid positions, but the Ministry will place your name in a special section of the Agents of the Ministry page, along with text/logo of your graphic design (if you work for one). Links to your company/service will also be posted.

3) The Ministry is recruiting YOU. You don’t need a degree in marketing to be an Agent of the Ministry. You’ve got an email account. Or a MySpace page. Or a blog. That means you can help.

The Ministry is compiling a Mailing List for 7th Son fans … and in those periodical mailings you will receive tiny, five-minutes-or-less “missions” to help spread the word about 7th Son announcements and milestones. Your involvement won’t take up much time — but you’ll play the most important role of all. You’re the front line, taking the message to the masses.

If you spread the word and can show the Ministry that you’ve done so, you become an Agent of the Ministry, and will be listed on the Agents of the Ministry page … with links to your site, blog, band, whatever. Particularly rabid Agents will be eligible for exclusive 7th Son swag not available to the masses. More on this in a few weeks.

So, comrade. Are you ready to help create an army of new 7th Son fans? Fill out the form below to add your name to the 7th Son mailing list … or to volunteer your creative services to spread the word!