In 2008, J.C. Hutchins invited the most prominent storytellers the in podcast fiction space — and 7th Son fans across the globe — to contribute to Obsidian, an audio and video fiction anthology set in his 7th Son universe.

Obsidian, an innovative canonical addition to the storyworld, chronicled a crisis that took place in 7th Son: Destruction. In that novel, the United States fell victim to a coordinated terrorist attack. Power stations across the country were destroyed, and the U.S. plummeted into a nationwide blackout. 

While this blackout was described in the trilogy, the story never focused on its true victims: average Americans. Obsidian did just that. More than 100 fans contributed original stories, audio and video content to this project. Obsidian was a history-making experience; it was the first time in podcast fiction where the lines between author and audience were fundamentally blurred in this way.

Obsidian also featured short stories written by bestselling and award-winning authors. This collection is now available as an ebook, and features these tales:

The Obsidian podcast experience can be found here.