7TH SON: 7 DAYS (2009)


7th Son: 7 Days is a free audio prequel anthology to J.C.’s thriller novel, 7th Son: Descent. Set two weeks before Descent’s extraordinary events, the series reveals the lives of seven seemingly unrelated men, and their everyday challenges.

In the world of 7th Son, “everyday” challenges are far from ordinary. Each of these seven stories stars a unique John Michael Smith. Witness criminal profiler Dr. Mike’s quest to hunt an unstoppable serial killer. Watch blue-collar musician John realize a lifelong dream. Ride shotgun with USMC captain Michael on a dangerous black ops mission in the Middle East. Behold the worldwide influence of deranged computer hacker Kilroy2.0 … and more.

Due to several changes J.C. made to the 7th Son storyworld for its 2009 print publication,  7th Son: 7 Days represents the creative reboot of the popular series. Designed to tightly integrate with 7th Son: Descent’s print novel storyline, 7 Days is a perfect introduction to the 7th Son universe. Meet the Beta clones … before they knew they were clones.

You may manually download 7th Son: 7 Days episodes from the list below by right-clicking the episode names and saving the linked files.

Monday: Jack
Emerging from a lousy past month in his personal life, Jack had hoped November would be better. The universe — and a local cult leader — have other plans for the family man.

Tuesday: John
Recently inspired by his girlfriend Sarah, John aims to make good on a promise he made to himself long ago.

Wednesday: Kilroy2.0
Incensed by recent federal scrutiny, a deranged Washington DC-based computer hacker named Kilroy2.0 declares to his followers that today is a day of ... ruination.

Thursday: Dr. Mike
A brilliant criminal profiler based in Los Angeles, Dr. Mike may have met his match on his most recent case: a brilliant serial killer who defies law enforcement at every turn.

Friday: Michael
Marine Corps captain Michael and an elite team of soldiers embark on a dangerous black ops mission in the Middle East ... but are they prepared for what lurks within the facility they’re investigating?

Saturday: Jay
When a helicopter carrying Jay, a field agent for the United Nations, is shot down in Colombia, can Jay and his friend survive the threat of predators in the rain forest — particularly since those predators are human?

Sunday: Father Thomas
Rattled by the past week’s events, Oklahoma-based priest Thomas shares his thoughts with his congregation, and what he believes they need in these trying times.