Fan of the Day #24: Scott

We're starting the week off with a bang! Meet Fan Of The Day Scott, a podcast novelist from North Carolina.


Scott Roche

Your location: Winston Salem, NC USA

Website, Twitter, etc.:

Your hobbies or interests: writing, podcasting, camping, listening to podcasts, photography, producing other's pod... well you get the picture

7th Son fans rock because: we prove that great taste in podcast fiction cuts through all barriers.

What else would you like The Beta Clone Army to know about you? I too am podcasting my novel @ and I am the proud father of a homeschooling family.

Scott, I am thrilled to have an Ultracreative like you as a fan!  Everybody, check out Archangel: Legion.

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J.C. Hutchins

J.C. Hutchins is an award-winning freelance transmedia writer, experience designer and novelist. He helps agencies and entertainment companies create multi-channel narratives to achieve their creative and business goals.