Golem Arcana Tokens (Set of 21)

Golem Arcana Tokens (Set of 21)

Each 21-token set includes:

  • 8 Mana Well tokens (1 side features the "full" design; the other side features the "half full" design)
  • 4 Ancient One blessing tokens
  • 4 Ancient One curse tokens
  • 1 Durani sigil token
  • 1 Gudanna sigil token
  • 1 Urugal sigil token
  • 1 Zikia sigil token
  • 1 Golem Arcana token
  • 1 storage pouch

Price is $18.99, plus $6 for USPS Priority Mail shipping. This product currently ships to U.S. addresses, via Priority Mail, only. Questions? Want to pay with PayPal? Contact J.C. He'll hook you up.

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Golem Arcana is the digitally-enhanced miniatures game renowned for its engaging gameplay, exquisite creature designs, and high-quality game pieces. However, the thin cardboard tokens that accompany the Golem Arcana Base Game Set aren't as durable as some players would like.

This set of 21 handmade tokens can replace those Base Game tokens, and enhance & expand your Golem Arcana experience. They are officially licensed products authorized by Harebrained Schemes, the creators of Golem Arcana.

Made from a composite resin, each 11.5g token has the weight and heft of a heavy casino-quality poker chip. Vivid high-resolution Golem Arcana-inspired graphics, printed on glossy labels, adorn both sides of each token. 

Several longtime & prominent Golem Arcana players own these token sets. Here's what a few have to say: 

"J.C.'s tokens class up the Golem Arcana board in a major way. They make mana wells easier to track, blessings and curses easier to see, and clearly mark objective regions. They're the one accessory the base game was lacking."
Martin (aka Mardin on Golem Arcana forums)

"JC's tokens look fantastic on the board. They feel great in the hand, adding the perfect weight and tactile sensation to the game markers."
Michael (aka daskindt on Golem Arcana forums)

"These wonderful markers are a great addition to the game. My only issue is whether to get a second set!"
—Craig (aka Kahga on Golem Arcana forums)

The supply of 8 mana, 4 blessing and 4 curse tokens are sufficient for most 500-point and 1,000-point army battles. Use the additional sigil tokens as on-board markers for scenario objectives (such as "capture the flag" skirmishes), proxies for battlefield relics, and more!

Each token label is printed and applied by hand. Slight variations may exist between tokens and sets. These variations are natural, and do not affect the use of the product.

Token labels are not readable by the Golem Arcana TDI stylus.