Your safe First World existence isn't safe at all. Our planet is a war zone, besieged by secret attacks from ruthless criminals, malicious technologies and hostile supernatural beings.

Standing between us and certain extinction is an unlikely league of saviors: THE 33 — thirty-three men and women blessed with unusual abilities, and even stranger personalities.

John Swords III leads the misfit crew. It ain't easy. His lieutenants Bliss and Knack want to kill each other. Other operatives are defiant, dysfunctional or downright deranged. The enemy is relentless and organized, poised to jumpstart the apocalypse. And Mr. Ins, The 33's mysterious benefactor, exerts his absolute will over the group, pursuing an agenda all his own.

But one thing is certain — The 33 aren't good guys. They leave damnation and salvation to the experts. Their mission: Maintain the status quo. Ensure the survival of the human race. Hold the line.

Part A-Team, part X-Files (with a dash of Hellboy and Global Frequency added for apocalyptic spice), The 33 is a high-stakes genre mash of action, sci-fi and supernatural thriller. The 33's adventures are released in monthly ebook & audiobook episodes.



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The 33 isn't a novel — it's a short story series with recurring characters, told over TV season-like arcs. Some of The 33's adventures are told over multiple episodes, while others unfold as one-shot stories. The 33: Season 1 is currently planned for a 12-episode release.

Episodes are between 10,000 and 20,000 words long (around 50-100 average ebook pages, or 1-2 hours of narrated audiobook). Join The 33 newsletter (left) to receive updates when new episodes are released.