'You're dishonest people.'

The media is stepping into Trump's bear trap. When Trump declares that the media is full of shit (as he has been doing for weeks now), the media gaps, breathlessly covers it, and then spends thousands of words on news and op-ed pages asking itself, Are we full of shit?

This arguably undermines the press' authority, and is undoubtedly catnip for Trump's supporters.

I absolutely understand the need to cover what the president says, and I absolutely understand the need to have public, gut-check conversations to maintain transparency, and foster fairness.

But this is just another Trump game. Just another swindle. Just another gaslighting, sleight-of-hand dick move. Extensively covering such sidelining rhetoric imbues it with power, and yanks the spotlight away from dark corners, where corruption and secrets live.

Remain aggressive in your reporting, wordherders and radio folk. Keep your eyes on the stories worth covering—not on the stories the crass carnival barker wants you to cover.


J.C. Hutchins

J.C. Hutchins is an award-winning freelance transmedia writer, experience designer and novelist. He helps agencies and entertainment companies create multi-channel narratives to achieve their creative and business goals.