Anyman EP Track 5: "Katabatic"

Anyman Cover

"Katabatic" is the fifth of six free folk songs from Anyman, written and performed by John Smith, which will be released on a weekly schedule here at

While a link to more songs was mentioned in John's 7th Son: 7 Days prequel story, J.C. wanted to provide all five songs to all 7th Son fans ... with a bonus track on the sixth week.

Miami resident John Smith, a character in J.C.'s upcoming thriller 7th Son: Descent, is a man who dreams big ... but lives a small life. Determined to change his life's course, he recorded a five-song EP titled Anyman, and posted it to the Web. This occurred two weeks before the events seen in 7th Son: Descent.

Lyrics for this song appear beneath the audio player. Learn more about 7th Son: Descent’s print novel release here. Order your copy today.

"Katabatic" Lyrics

When the power fails
And the walls come down
Pickin' flowers in the rubble
That's where I will be found

When the levy breaks
And the ground gives way
I'll be swimmin' down your street
Just another perfect day

Ain't no need to feel pathetic
Don't go aneurismatic
Everything is katabatic

And when your wishing star becomes a meteor
Aimin' at your house
Baby don't you grouse
Just take a page from Johnny's Big Book of Advice
'Cuz I'm cold as ice

If the lightning breaks
Its only rule
I just make like Tesla
Baby I'm no fool

You might think I got it wrong
But if I'm not dead
I must be crazy strong

Ain't no need to feel pathetic
Just embrace the copacetic
Everything is katabatic

Stand in front of the freezer, wheezer!
Suck on an ice cube, noob!
You must chill, daffodil!