Writer: Ubisoft — 2016
Collaborated with producers, art directors and designers on a new IP exploration.

Author & Creator: The 33 — 2014
Earth is besieged by secret attacks from ruthless criminals, malicious technologies and hostile supernatural beings. Standing between us and certain extinction is an unlikely league of saviors: The 33. Part A-Team, part X-Files, The 33 is a genre mash of action, sci-fi and supernatural thriller.   Learn more

Writer: The Bent Bullet — 2013
A prequel experience for the film X-Men: Days of Future Past. Crafted a magazine-style article and supporting text for numerous multimedia assets. The project combined real history, X-Men canon and JFK assassination conspiracy theories.   Learn more

Writer: Almost Human online campaign — 2013
Helped craft this microsite experience, set in the crime-ridden sci-fi world of FOX’s television series. Reviewed episode screenplays, and incorporated dozens of canonical details into the campaign's character bios, scripted audio recordings, and other text.   Learn more

Writer: Body/Mind/Change — 2013
Co-wrote and helped develop the story for this transmedia fiction extension of David Cronenberg: Evolution, a celebration of the iconic filmmaker's work. Created and directed by Lance Weiler, with Cronenberg's direct creative involvement.   Learn more

Writer: Deja View — 2013
Co-wrote this groundbreaking responsive film, which dynamically adapted to viewers’ interactions as they spoke to onscreen characters via phone. Participants received unique entertainment experiences, tailored to their spoken responses.   Learn more

Tie-In Writer & Storyworld Development: Golem Arcana 2013
Crafted fiction set in the storyworld of game studio Harebrained Schemes’ tabletop/digital game, Golem Arcana. Wrote several short stories, and helped create the game world’s characters and lore.   Learn more

Advisor: Protagonist Labs — March 2013 to Present
Presently advise a team of game designers and technologists to help develop Storium, an online storytelling game that empowers people to tell, and share, groundbreaking interactive stories. I’ve also adapted my IP for use as “playable worlds” for users.   Learn more

Assistant Lead Writer: Clandestine: Anomaly — 2012, 2013
Collaborated with ZenFri Inc. to help design this iOS Augmented Reality first-person strategy game’s narrative. Wrote in-game scripts and universe bible for a proof-of-concept deliverable.

Writer & Experience Design: Byzantium Tests  — 2012
An immersive experience for Cinemax’s original series Hunted. Ideated campaign, collaborated with psychologists and magicians, assisted in “test environment” design and wrote all content. A viral success, with over 1 million unique visitors.   Learn more

Byzantium Tests won a silver CLIO Award, Campaign of the Year in Ad Age’s Small Agency awards, and FITC’s Best Advertisement and OMMA’s Best Entertainment Website (Television) awards. Was also listed in Communication Arts’ Interactive Annual.

Writer & Experience Design: Dark Score Stories — 2011
For A&E’s miniseries Bag of Bones, based on Stephen King’s bestselling novel. Conceived 100+ “King universe” props, wrote all content and audio scripts, and directed actor Pierce Brosnan and others in on-site voice recordings.   Learn more

Writer, Experience Design & Co-Creator: Edgar Allan Poe — 2011
An educational transmedia experience for high school students. Created with game designer and web storytelling pioneer Jordan Weisman (FASA, Shadowrun, I Love Bees).   Learn more

Writer & Experience Design: The Colony Experiment — 2010
A prequel for Discovery Channel’s series The Colony. Co-created the narrative arc, and wrote its in-world newscast scripts, stories, blog posts and more.   Learn more

Creator, Writer & Experience Design: Kilroy: Shake It! — 2010
Conceived and created all content for this iOS experience. Shake It! used play, interactivity and canonical transmedia narrative to expand the world of my 7th Son IP.   Learn more

Author & Creator: 7th Son: Descent — 2009
My human cloning thriller novel. Publishers Weekly said: “(R)eaders seeking edge-of-your-seat action flavored with conspiracy and futuristic tech will love every page.”   Learn more

Co-Author & Co-Creator: Personal Effects: Dark Art — 2009
A supernatural thriller, written with Jordan Weisman. Featured a “beyond the book” narrative that blurred the reader’s role from passive spectator to active participant.   Learn more

Screenwriter: Nanovor — 2008 to 2009
Wrote more than 20 screenplays for game company Smith & Tinker’s animated webisode series. Worked closely with creator and team to expand IP’s storyworld.   Learn more

Author, Creator & Producer: 7th Son Trilogy and other stories — 2006 to 2009
These audiobook thrillers were serialized and distributed online to an audience of more than 50,000. My stories boast more than 10 million episodic downloads to date.   Learn more


J.C.’s work has been featured by:

  • The New York Times
  • The Washington Post
  • Los Angeles Times
  • NPR’s Weekend Edition
  • The BBC

J.C. has discussed storytelling at:

  • ARGFest 2013
  • PAX East 2012
  • Multi-PlatFORUM 2012 (keynote)
  • Transmedia Berlin 2012
  • Danube University Krems 2011 (instructor)
  • ARGfest 2011 (Guest of Honor keynote)
  • Immersive Writing Lab 2011
  • Dragon*Con 2007, 2008

Additional skills:

  • Storyworld ideation & creation
  • Screenwriting
  • Voiceover scriptwriting
  • Voice acting, directing, editing
  • Journalism experience, AP style

References and work samples:

  • Available upon request