Note: This section of is no longer being updated. It has been preserved to showcase the incredible generosity of hundreds of 7th Son fans.

7th Son fans are the best people out there. Dig these amazing photos and artistic creations that listeners have whipped up, in homage of 7S. Iā€™m floored and flattered by your contributions, guys!


ROW ONE: Michael Bekemeyer, Ola (x2), Alpha Sis, Brad Z, Dan The Fan, David Van Sunder
ROW TWO: Tim, Tom (x3), David Jacobs, Davin Desborough, Ben
ROW THREE: Josh McLeod, Curt, Chris, Scott from the "GigCast" (x3), Tom
ROW FOUR: Tom (x3), Unknown, Dave Ingram, Martin Parrott, creativity reborn
ROW FIVE: Rick Stringer, creativity reborn (x2), Andrea Gideon, Glenn Wired Pig, creativity reborn,  John


ROW ONE: Michael Spence, Manata, creativity reborn, Thom H, creativity reborn, Randy Noseworthy, Jordan
ROW TWO: Eric, Michael Bekemeyer, Thom H, Alain, Claudia Bullion, Lowell, Natalie M
ROW THREE: Joe Mieczkowski, Unknown, Bob O, De & Frank (x2), Jordan, Lowell
ROW FOUR: Chris, Randy Noseworthy, Lowell, Rick Stringer, Shawn Bishop, Mandrake