Personal Effects: Dark Art chronicles the story of Zach Taylor, a young art therapist. Taylor works at Brinkvale Psychiatric Hospital, a facility with a dark, bloody history. Locals call it “The Brink.”

J.C. and Personal Effects creator Jordan Weisman opened the doors of their creation, and allowed fans to step inside. These participants didn’t receive a guided tour of The Brink. They were ... committed.

Welcome to a first-ever in publishing called Commit Yourself To The Brink. Fans were presented with ways to inject themselves into the Personal Effects universe by becoming a patient of art therapist Zach Taylor. These folks created artwork, and wrote fictional biographies for their "patient selves." As a reward for their efforts, they  received Brinkvale admittance papers and more.


ROW ONE: Adam Francis, Adam Teece, Adam Williams, Alyssa Matal, Andrew Dorfman, ANDY, Anthony Palms
ROW TWO: BarbB, Bauer Cainin, Becky Ayers, Blake MP, Boo Gaarr, Bradley Richardson, Brian G
ROW THREE: Brian Garrett, Cameron Downs, CG, Chair, Chaz Baltierra, Chazlo Portello, Cheap Sui
ROW FOUR: Chris Thompson, Christine M Dole-Fiebke, Christopher Dobson, Christopher Kane, Chris Walker, Chris Weed, Clayton Drzal
ROW FIVE: Colin Adams, Coma Darkvale, Crystal, Dan Beaulieu, David, David Cripps, David Sobkowiak


ROW ONE: Deanna Holdershaw, Denise Pasutti, Drew Beatty, Earl Newton, Edward Talbot, Elias Crow, Erk
ROW TWO: Estrella, Finaldrive, Finaldrive2, FionaT, Garrett Nelson, Gazaar, George Gordon
ROW THREE: Gonzalo Reyes, Heather Moore, Ian, Jack Townsend, James Heitmeyer, Jan Dennison, Jason Browne
ROW FOUR: Jen, Jenny H, John Doe 101, John Gray, Jonathan Staples, Joseph Cartwright, JP Harvey
ROW FIVE: JR Murdock, JT Manis, jules, justice_girl, Justin Lowmaster, Karen, Karen Tilt


ROW ONE: Karl S, Kay, Keith Schrecke, Kelly Harris, Ken McLaughlin, Ken Snyder, L Archer
ROW TWO: Laura Church, Leonard Temby, Liam McCoy, Lisa Tobias, Lori Hallerman, Mad Marv, Mark
ROW THREE: Martyn Dastardly Darkly, Matrinka Walkinwoods, Matt Wallace, Merzmensch, Michael F, Michelle Earnhart, Midnight Butterfly
ROW FOUR: Mildred Cady, M Kaufman, MontiLee Stormer, Mur Lafferty, Nathan Lucas, neililling, norm
ROW FIVE: Oldmansmell, Paul Tuck, Pax Tharsis, Pons Matal, Quirky Girl, Richard Read, Rick Stringer


ROW ONE: RJ Lindsay, Robert T Gasperson, s13cybergal, Scott J Wilson, Scott Merrill, Shadygirl, Sheldon Barnes
ROW TWO: Shirley Bruce, Sique, Sol Greenfield, Sol McNally, Stephanie Harvey, Steven Ayers, Stewie
ROW THREE: Tabitha Ayers, Thomas Roth, Tina Marie, Tom Merritt, Traeonna, Tyler Davis, Vanessa Colburn
ROW FOUR: VOID Munashii, Wally Bulwalski, William Woodward, Woody Nightshade, Zachariah Zeppelin