50-50-50 TOUR HOSTS

To promote the release of the third 7th Son novel, Destruction, J.C. Hutchins created another first-ever in podcasting: a “virtual” 50-state book tour. In two months, J.C. conducted publicity interviews via Skype and phone with more than 60 independent podcasters. The 7th Son: 50/50/50 project — 50 podcasts / 50 interviews / 50 states — generated so much buzz that more than 1,200 newcomers subscribed to the 7th Son podcast in June 2007, the month prior to Destruction’s release.

This world’s-first marketing experiment — and its incredible success — could not have been possible without the generosity of these amazing podcasters. (Many of these shows are not yet listed on this page. Check back regularly for updates!) J.C. thanks them for their help, and encourages you to check out their work.


The Spartacus Roosevelt Hour

The Spartacus Roosevelt Hour is a twice monthly music podcast featuring obscure noise, glitchy electropop, fake nostalgia, bastardized exotica, tweaky lounge, creepy ambient and musical non sequiturs. Described as the “soundtrack to the movie you don’t know you are in,” the SRH features acoustic, electric and electronic music. This show is recommended for aging Goths, dada-ists, Stockhausen freaks, ex-ravers with sizzling synapses, fetishists, beat revivalists, moody hip hoppers, record store geeks, recreational drug users, pagans, subgenius, former hardcore kids, hippie burnouts, the intellectually pretentious, the partially deaf, doom metallers, people who have their genitals pierced, and lovers of machine noises.



Love Long and Prosper

Dan and CJ, new parents from Arizona talk about life, the universe, and everything. Middle class living can be a drag, but the Love Long and Prosper Podcast places a humorous spin on the mundane. Segments such as “Private Quarters” (a look inside the life of a married couple on the Enterprise), and “FoodCast” (They love their food) are the meat of the Podcast, but the mindless banter and witty criticisms are the perfect condiments. Hungry for some Star Trek?



Coming to you from her spiderhole in Arizona, Dani brings you a little truth (at least the way she interprets it) every other week. Covering everything from US news to world politics, sex and societal issues, Dani is sure to make you think a little bit more about your world. That way we can all work to make it a little better place to co-exist.




OxCast is a Podcast hosted by Ox. OxCast is broadcast from a small town in Northwest Arkansas. Any number of topics are discussed on OxCast, everything from Poker to Paradise, and Reviews to Complaints. There are many special sections to OxCast. Sound Studio (local music), Movie Review, Book Review, and the famed OxPiss where Ox blows his top talking about some horrible customer service, or maybe just stupid people. Give us a listen and let us know what you like, what you’d like to hear, or what you hate. We do this solely for fun, nothing more. We only hope that this will be an entertaining view inside the mind of Ox.

Website: http://oxcast.com


Adventures in Scifi Publishing

About the show: From the Singularity Audio studios in San Diego, California, Adventures in Scifi Publishing brings science fiction authors and editors to your ears one podcast at a time. We examine the speculative fiction publishing industry, talk about writing, and discuss books and industry trends. Past guest include Hugo Award winning authors Robert J. Sawyer, Kim Stanley Robinson, Dan Simmons and Timothy Zahn along with SF heavy-hitters Kim Harrison, Charlaine Harris, Tad Williams, Kay Kenyon, John Ringo, David Weber and more.


Geek Cred

Geek Cred is the podcast that does interviews, gives you the inside scoop on everything geek–from tech, to sci-fi, to games, you name it, we geek it! Are you geek enough?

Website: http://www.geekcred.net

Insomnia Radio

Insomnia Radio is more than just a show, it’s a huge family of dedicated music freaks. Voted one of the Top 3 Podcasts in the world by Business Week Online, our weekly music shows consistently deliver indie rock’s unsung heroes straight to your ears, in a tightly produced and passionate package. Welcome to the best music you’ve never heard.

Website: www.insomniaradio.net

PodioMedia Chat

PodioMedia Chat is an interview podcast where I interview authors of books that have been podcasted, as well as people who are creating audiocinema. I will also occasionally throw in other interviews for exceptional video and podcasts.


Strangely Literal

Fanfic is a time honored tradition among the ardent enthusiasts who just can’t stop telling stories about their favorite characters and universes. We here at Strangely Literal can’t get enough of it either. Each podcast we bring you a story or stories from Buffy, Angel, Firefly or another Jossverse in an attempt to satisfy your need for more stories… this is Strangely Literal…

Website: www.strangelyliteral.com

Writers Talking

Based in Hesperia, California, Writers Talking is a live roundtable podcast featuring independent and small-press fiction authors talking shop and answering your questions. Every episode, host Matthew Wayne Selznick and guests like J.C. Hutchins, Mur Lafferty, James Patrick Kelly, Scott Sigler, Tee Morris, and other tackle a specific question on the writing life and craft in a relaxed, conversational style. Listen as it happens, subscribe to the podcast
(rss), and join the forums at Writers Talking.

Website: http://www.writerstalking.com


Answers For Freelancers

Answers for Freelancers is a pod-cast dedicated to helping independent artists and designers build their client base, grow their business, re-invigorate their passion and discuss the unique challenges of balancing work and life. Illustrator Bob Ostrom and multimedia designer Chris Wilson team up to bring you the helpful insight you need to compete in the world of creative independence.



Comics Radar

Over 100 comic books are released every Wednesday. It can be hard for New Readers and old fans alike to tell what good and what isn’t. Comics Radar gives you news, reviews, and interviews to arm yourself with information to find the best new comics out there.

Website: http://comicsradar.com

Ink ‘n Doodles Creative Workshop

Ink ‘n Doodles Creative Workshop is an online blog, podcast, resource, and community that encourages everyone to “Go Create Something!” At Ink ‘n Doodles Creative Workshop we believe that everyone has superpowers – we can all create, contribute, and collaborate – and by fostering each other’s creative spirit we can accomplish great things. We are a “League of Doodlers”!

Rob Suarez is the founder of Ink ‘n Doodles Creative Workshop. He hosts the podcast and is a “Creativity Evangelist”. Rob’s audio novels can be found here.

Website: http://www.inkndoodles.com


ScatterPod is a podcast created by filmmaker Michael Bekemeyer to explore the many facets of podcast audio fiction and entertainment. There are several types of audio experiments released through this podcast, such as short and long form narrative fiction, guest readers and interviews. ScatterPod is also home to the increasingly popular SF/Noir/Horror series “The Dead Light District”, which has been described as a genre blurring, mix between The Twilight Zone and Sin City.



Heart of the Hunter

Heart of the Hunter is the podcast recording of a serialized fantasy novel written by Sam Chupp, the co-designer of the roleplaying games Changeling: the Dreaming and Wraith: the Oblivion. The story is about a small company of mercenaries who find themselves enmeshed in webs of intrigue and power as they try to simply earn a living and get a small caravan from the center of civilization to the edge of the frozen wasteland and survive. (J.C. Hutchins’s interview appeared on Chupp’s other podcast, The Bear’s Grove.)

Website: http://heartofthehunter.com



HawaiiUP – Podcasting in paradise! A father, husband, and web geek in Hawaii spreads the aloha spirit online. Latest island headlines, music by local artists, interviews and tours… plus pop culture talk with the wife.

Website: http://hawaiiup.com


Phibble Radio

Phibble helps promote independent musicians from around the world. We offer 7 music shows to listen to, 3 music video shows to watch and you can search the site for new bands and look at their profiles. Soon you will be able to buy from each band including songs and merchandise. We also have Phibble Radio Specials where you can listen to our interview with Howard Jones. We believe the world is full of talented artistic people and we plan on having each one our site sooner or later! Phibble, it’s Where Independence Lives!

Website: http://phibble.com


Tvindy Time

Tvindy Time is a podcast about all sorts of things. Kinsey talks about his life, tells harrowing stories of his travels to other lands, interviews interesting people (like J. C. Hutchins), and reads stories from his childhood. He even podcasted his marriage proposal! (That was far more interesting than the time he podcasted himself eating cereal.) Also, Kilroy 2.0 has listened to every episode dozens of times.

Website: http://www.tvindytime.com


Barely Podcasting

Barely Podcasting is a show about the unusual events that happen in everyday life of a dork. Nothing is safe from making the host, Barely, look like a dork. Co-workers, his wife, people on the road during his long commute, and even his 3 year old daughter all seem to make Barely look adorkable. Are you adorkable enough to listen?

Website: http://barelypodcasting.com


We Are Not Cool

We Are Not Cool (aka WANC) is a one hour(ish) bi-weekly podcast by and for nerds and geeks. Topics range from sci-fi, fantasy, and comics to science, technology, related politics, and nerd culture. Content includes our thoughts and rants on these topics, interviews, and skits. Hopefully we will make you think, but we are bound to make you laugh. Failing that we will make you feel a whole lot better about your own life.

Website: http://wearenotcool.org



What do you get when you cross, two guys, one girl and an entire planet full of geek TV, video games, food, music and the occasional dash of real life? Well in the podcast realm you get PodCulture. Join Brad, Glenn and Christina each week as they chat what’s going on in their geek-worlds.From A+ shows to grade Z movies, and everything else in between (like comics and video games) the equal opportunity geeks of PodCulture cover it all.

Website: www.PodCulture.net


The Balticon Podcast

Welcome to The Balticon Podcast. We are all about the authors, fans and scientists who make Science Fiction happen. You’ll find interviews and discussions with great guests as well as author readings, panels, convention events and other items recorded at and about Balticon, The Maryland Regional Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention.

After both attending and volunteering at Balticon for many years, we wanted very much to share our favorite convention with the rest of the world. So much happens at a Balticon, however, that it is impossible to capture all of it. So, at Balticon 39, May 2005, we began podcasting as a way to let the people behind Science Fiction talk about their passion for it. We’ve recorded interviews with the Balticon Guests of Honor, scientists, authors and fans and have even managed to add in a few great convention events as well. We hope you enjoy all of it as much as we did!

Website: http://balticonpodcast.org

One-Minute How To

The One Minute How-To podcast gives the guest up to 60 seconds to explain how to do something. This means that they need to get right to the point, but isn’t that a good thing?

Website: http://OneMinuteHowTo.com

Skunk Smells

Marcus Noble the anthro/furry skunk hosts the skunk smells podcast. Every week he lets out a different rant or “skunk smell” about something that pisses him off. Also every week he has a different mystery special segment and some podsafe music. So take a listen, hold your nose, and subscribe.

Website: http://skunk.podshow.com


Managing the Gray

C.C. Chapman is a New Media Maven who lives, works and plays in the metaverse. If you are an individual looking to embrace new media or a business that wants to try and stay on top of the ever changing landscape to survive then Managing the Gray is the podcast to listen to. Covering topics as diverse as personal development, Second Life, cool new web tools and marketing strategies the goal is to help you. Listen in to hear how YOU hold the keys to success. And how YOU can make a difference in this new world of consumer generated content, no control PR and new marketing.



Mike’s Hotdish

Mike’s Hotdish is a music podcast that plays a variety of music. On any given show you will never know what you are going to get. The language in this show is no worse than what kids hear in high school and I never sensor the music.

Website: http://mikeshotdish.com


Moldawer in the Morning

Moldawer in the Morning is a comedy podcast released every Monday morning. Each week, book editor and podcaster David Moldawer discusses three stories of the day in science, technology, or pop culture with a special guest. Expect a medium amount of bullshit.

Website: http://www.moldawer.com


The Tome

The Tome is a D&D News and Review Podcast. Interested in finding out what is going on in the world of Dungeons and Dragons? Want to hear if that book you’ve been thinking of sinking your hard earned cash into is worth the cover price? Just can’t get enough of role-playing in your life? Check out The Tome!

Website: http://www.thetomeshow.com


The Multi-Dimensional Ninja Network

Are you into Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Podcast Novels, but also love Anime? If so, then you should listen to the Multi Dimensional Ninja Network Podcast, where I, The Supreme Narutard and my co-hosts The Grim One and The Un-Man review sci-fi/fantasy (and some anime for good measure), give rants, do disscusions, host interviews with podcast novelists, preform comedy skits, and report on big ticket anime news items. Plus, we bring you special episodes every once in a while with music thats so bad you just have to laugh at it. The Multi Dimensional Ninja Network is looking for members: will you join?


Whole Lot of Nonsense

Social action doesn’t have to be boring. Join the crew from a Whole Lot of Nonsense PodCast as we talk about and with people who are doing what they can to make changes in the world around them. Since April 2005, we’ve talked to local Presidents of United Way organizations, about local homeless shelter networks and showed you how to make a difference in your own gas consumption. The show is usually put out every fortnight, or as often as I can get some time to do editing and fit in time with my wonderful family.


The Rantings of an Advertising Lunatic

Sometimes I just have to scratch my head at some of the marketing decisions companies make. Then sometimes fall between verystupiditis and headupmyassitosis. Join me, Mike Bellina, as I explore the wacky world of marketing on the podcast, the Rantings of an Advertising Lunatic. Each week I take a look at the good, the bad and the ridiculous of all things marketing. No one is safe and I certainly take no prisoners.



Murder at Avedon Hill by P.G. Holyfield

Lord Avedon has a problem. Gretta Platt, Housemistress of Avedon Manor, has been murdered. Only a handful of people live at Avedon Hill, and most are suspects. Arames Kragen, retired Aarronic Advisor and scholar of prophecy, arrives at the gates of Avedon Hill, hoping to gain access to the mountain pass. Lord Avedon is not in a giving mood, however… Murder at Avedon Hill is the fantasy/mystery podcast novel by P.G. Holyfield.

Website: http://pgholyfield.com/maah


Wander Radio

Jack Hosley’s Wander Radio is a unique combination of old-time radio meets modern variety show, with music, audio dramas, humor and parodies melded together to be the best show “almost on your radio dial”.

Website: http://wanderradio.com


The Signal

The Signal is a biweekly podcast dedicated to Joss Whedon’s Firefly and Serenity. Co-hosted by Les Howard and Kari Haley, the ultimate goal of The Signal is to see the universe and characters Joss Whedon created continue to live on, in future television or movie endeavors. We feel that the best way to do this is to recruit new fans, and keep them motivated and engaged with fan-produced content.

Website: http://www.serenityfirefly.com


Better Late Than Never

Better Late Than Never is a podcast about a single mom who has decided that is was time to get out in the world, to start meeting new people, and start doing new things. MA talks about what steps she’s taking to change her life, as well as her favorite geeky passions, while taking time to laugh at herself. With essays, media reviews, and various guest hosts, MA makes her life take a new direction. And it’s Better Late Than Never!

Website: http://www.bl8tn.net


Muse With Me

Mrs. B, best known as the podcasting Patriots Super Fan, of Mrs. B’s Patriot World Podcast has launched a brand new podcast. The inaugural episode of Muse with Me features the interview with JC as part of the 50/50/50 tour. Muse with Me is a podcast about life, motherhood, education, literature, new media and more. So Muse with Me and enjoy commentary, interviews, soundseeing tours and some great podsafe music along the way.

Website: http://musewithme.com



Technorama is best described as a “Geek Morning Show.” Chuck and Kreg bring all the zaniness of a terrestrial morning show with topics YOU the geek are sure to enjoy. Whether it is tech, science, sci-fi, movies, books, or many other topics, you’ll love the show. This isn’t the same old Microsoft, Google, and Apple news all the other tech news shows do. Technorama takes a light hearted look at the off-beat news out there. The show also includes periodic special interviews with notable geeks like Adam Savage and Grant Imahara from Discovery Channel’s “Mythbusters”, John Chatterton and Richie Kohler from The History Channel’s “Deep Sea Detectives”, Steve Wozniak co-founder of Apple Computer, Leo Laporte of TechTV and “TWiT”, and many others.

Website: http://www.chuckchat.com


The Basics of the Game

We first learn to play as children. We refine our skills and games, as we grow older. As with all things we do we can excel at games. Excellence comes from starting at the basics. The Basics of the Game is the show where we discuss games, gaming and concepts in role playing and larp gaming. The Basics of the Game. Experience in gaming.



The Darcy and Holly Show

The Darcy and Holly show is a show done by a couple who live in two different countries. Darcy is in Canada and Holly is in the United States. Their show is a general chat show. They talk about whatever comes to mind.

Website: http://www.darcyandholly.com


The Morning BrewCast

Two coffee loving, java jumping, caffeine crazy sisters who love to chit chat after a cup or two or three of the morning brew. Grab your cup of brew and join the fun!

Website: http://morningbrewcast.com


Disability411 provides audio workshops, interviews and information on disability-related topics for those who work with individuals with disabilities, including college disability counselors, rehabilitation counselors, K-12 special education teachers, employers, or anyone who works in the disability field. Information is also of interest for individuals with disabilities and their families. Hosted by Beth Case, a disability counselor with more than 10 years of experience in postsecondary disability services.

Website: http://disability411.jinkle.com



TechnoFodder is a high-energy podcast about podcasting. We cover tech and podcast news, we do interviews, and give quick tutorials. We also have a special Promo Exchange segment. If you play my promo, I’ll play yours. Tune in for more, and use our contact page to send us feedback.

Website: http://www.technofodder.com


The Wandering Geek Podcast

The Wandering Geek Podcast is dedicated to helping folks get their “Geek On” while traveling away from home for business, pleasure, or that family vacation to Aunt Bertie’s house for the summer. Hosted by Curt the Camera Guy, who spends 270 days a year out on the road, the Wandering Geek explores a feature topic every episode that will make living the “traveling geek” life-style a little bit easier. He also interviews the people that make it all possible. Every episode there is DVD release news, a report on MMOs including betas, new releases and free trials, general geeky news in the Geek Buzz, and slice of road-life stories in Skid Marks. Sprinkle in some listener feedback, show news and the occasional funny “bit” involving the “voices in his head” and you have the recipe for this 74 minute bi-weekly podcast. You can find it on iTunes by searching for “Wandering Geek”.



The Podshow About Nothing

The Podshow About Nothing (TPAN) is a podcast from Sydney, Australia, that doesn’t require you to think. Just do nothing. Listen to nothing. And, most importantly, laugh at nothing. Giddy up!

Website: http://teepan.com

The Sci Phi Show

If you want a podcast that looks at questions of science fiction and philosophy and how the two go together then The Sci Phi Show is the podcast for you. The Sci Phi Show has discussions of science fiction books, movies and TV shows, interviews with authors, philosophers and other interesting people. What more could you want?

Website: http://thesciphishow.com


Second Life Notes

Second Life’s podcast covering music and culture. Hosted by Chill Moksung (Mark Forman in RL). Featuring interviews and music from the people who are building Second Life culture.

Website: http://slnotes.com